[code] Fountain Lexer and other stuff

From: Diego Loiola <alface8.att.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 22:17:13 -0300

Hi guys,

For first I would like to thank you and congratulate for this great and
software, TA is the best overall editor i've ever used. Hence I would like
to help ist improvement, with design, pt-br translation, ideas and a few
lines of code, as i'm not a professional programmer.

I started a lexer for *Fountain, *a markup language for screenplays, based
on the other lexers like Markdown. It's in the very begining but i want to
make it useful like Fountain Mode for emacs.

Is there a way of make a bold-italic text? I doing like below and it gets
only bold not italics.

--***bold italics***
             token('boldit', flanked_range('***') +
                             (lpeg.B(punct_space) +
#lexer.starts_line('***')) *
                             flanked_range('***', true) * #(punct_space +
lex:add_style('boldit', 'italics')
lex:add_style('boldit', 'bold')

best regards

Diego Loiola

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