Re: Textadept 1.1

From: Brian Schott <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 22:31:10 -0600

I just tried to compile the new version on my 64-bit Gentoo box (I
prefer not having to use the emulation libraries) and got errors from
line 1488 of lua_interface.c and line 895 of textadept.c. On my machine
ints are 32 bits and pointers are 64, so I changed the
reinterpret_cast<int> to reinterpret_cast<long int>.

I then compiled scintilla-st, and copied the file from a
textadept .6 beta archive I had laying around. What was that file
compiled from, and why not just use the gtk library already installed on
the machine?

I did eventually get it working though. Thanks for the work on Textadept.

- Brian
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