Re: Textadept 1.1

From: Brian Schott <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 14:43:48 -0600

Well, I tossed some random garbage into the theme file to see if there
would be a parse error. I did this on the pre-compiled version on my
32-bit laptop and then using the self-compiled version on the 64-bit
desktop. Only the pre-compiled version complained about a syntax error.
That's what leads me to believe that it isn't even being read.

The correct buffer.lua and view.lua ARE being read and applied, but
anything in lexers/themes/ isn't. Stranger still is that typing
buffer:add_text(''..buffer:get_property('lexer.lua.color.theme')) into a
running instance of Textadept prints "dark" to the buffer as expected. I
just can't figure out why nothing is the correct color.


mitchell wrote:
> Brian,
>> I'm having a problem with my custom-compiled version. The theme files in
>> lexers/themes aren't being loaded. Any idea where I should start looking
>> for the cause of that?
> I take it there are no messages when you run textadept from the
> command line?
> The lexer gets its themes from the 'lexer.lua.home' and
> 'lexer.lua.color.theme' properties set in the 'view_new' handler in
> 'core/events.lua'. Make sure those are set properly. It will fall back
> on the 'light' theme if needed.
> I'm not sure exactly what your "aren't being loaded" statement means
> (path error? no theme set? etc.), but hopefully that helps.
> -Mitchell;
> >
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