Re: Textadept output buffer

From: Vais Salikhov <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 23:15:01 -0500

Awesome, Mitchell! I was so keeping my fingers crossed hoping you
would agree on this one. I think the idea of multiple views is great
(great enough for me not to miss my tabs ;), and the implementation is
99.9% there. This is the only missing piece.

I am a 7+ years Scite user, making heavy use of the output pane every
day, and let me re-assure you, this is not as big of a problem as you
think. Yes, I will be shrinking the view, but I know it is there, and
I will expand it manually when I expect to see something there.

If the view is entirely collapsed that could be a problem - there is
an error, but there is no visual. You say there is no elegant way to
implement this - is it possible to give the view some dimension so you
can see that something happened? If not, I would still much prefer
this to having the message buffer replace my working buffer.

Most of the time, if we are talking about an unexpected message, the
view will be created for the first time. Subsequent messages will go
into that view. If you are deliberately working with the output
buffer, you know to keep it at least somewhat visible. I would say go
for it, it is so worth it! I could not put my finger on what was
bugging me about the UX, and that's definitely it.

Thank you, Mitchell.


On Jan 27, 2009, at 10:30 PM, mitchell <> wrote:

> Vais,
>> The default behavior of the output buffer is a little disorienting
> I completely agree. This has been on TODO for a looooong time. I just
> never got around to implementing something because I wasn't sure how
> it should be done, how complex it should be, etc.
>> <snip>
>> In other words, if there is no view created specifically for the
>> output buffer, it gets created (split out). Subsequent messages get
>> written to the output buffer IN that view.
> This is what I had in mind. I was just worried that SciTE users would
> expect to be able to shrink the view and have it pop back out like
> SciTE's output buffer. That could not be done elegantly.
>> This can be implemented by the user, but I think this would be a much
>> more reasonable behavior for Textadept out of the box.
> Yes.
> -Mitchell;
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