Textadept 1.3

From: mitchell <mforal.n....at.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 21:09:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to release Textadept 1.3. The manual has been revised with
all the new features that were added. Please take time to look it
over. http://caladbolg.net/textadept


    * Binary files are opened and handled properly.
    * Dropped files are now opened in the correct split view they were
dropped in.
    * Fixed some various GTK-OSX UI issues.
    * Fixed a special case of 'Replace All'.
    * Clicking 'Ok' closes any error dialogs on init.
    * Fixed statusbar glitch when creating new buffers.
    * Windows' CR+LF line endings are handled properly.
    * Do not go to non-existent buffer index when loading session.
    * Do not attempt to open non-existent files when double-clicking
error messages.


    * Look for ~/.ta_theme for setting Textadept _THEME; _THEME can
now be a directory path.
    * Themes now contain a lexer.lua for defining lexer colors;
modifying them in lexers/themes/ is no longer necessary.
    * Added 'Find in Files' support.
    * Can set the Project Manager cursor through Lua.
    * Look for ~/.ta_modules to load instead of default modules in
    * Added 'Replace All' for just selected text.
    * Removed menu label text in favor of using menu id numbers for
menu actions.
    * Added Find/Replace history.
    * Use a combo entry for the Project Manager browser entry.
    * Print messages to a split view instead of switching buffers.

Thank you Vais and Alex for your bug reports and feature suggestions.
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