Mercurial Repository

From: mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 14:49:39 -0800 (PST)


I finally have my mercurial repository hosted and available to all.
You can get the link from the Textadept site or googlecode site. It
only contains Textadept code, so the Lua source, scintilla-st source,
lua-gtk binaries, etc. are not there. Those are available in the
source zip on googlecode however if you need them (typically only for
compiling TA).

For those of you following the latest changes, bug fixes,
enhancements, etc., any commits that only have Lua files are generally
safe to plug into your TA installation. I would encourage you to test
new features or bugs that I've fixed in this manner. Some commits that
contain Lua and C are hit or miss. For example I just checked in a
Find in Files enhancement that has C in it, but it only fixes an
assertion error if a view doesn't exist anymore (e.g. it was unsplit).
Use your judgment and always keep a clean copy of a TA release handy!

Now that I've pretty much catered to my needs in a text editor, I have
been accepting some feature requests (that don't cause bloat and
slowness of course). My implementation may not necessarily be what was
intended so hopefully we can get the kinks ironed out inbetween
releases rather than release and tweak.

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