Re: Symlink to textadept on OS X

From: Rob <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 01:54:38 -0800 (PST)

You can set up an alias using the open command:
alias textadept='open -a ~/Applications/'
Then, 'textadept example.txt' should open the file in Textadept.

On a side note, that either opening executable inside the .app bundle
or more simply
open -n -a ~/Applications/
will open another instance of Textadept. I think this was asked

Btw, thanks Mitchell for this really promising editor. I used Scite
when I used Windows,
but never really got into it, because I want my editor to be cross-


On Feb 6, 10:37 pm, vais <> wrote:
> Textmate has a "mate" tool for working with the Textmate app from the
> shell. How do you use Textadept from the shell on OS X?
> The way I have been doing it is by invoking textadept executable
> inside the .app. This is a pain, since you have to either cd into
> the .app/Contents/etc... or use the same full path to the executable
> every time.
> I have tried creating a symlink to the textadept file inside the .app
> ("ln -s path_to_exec_inside_app ."), but that does not work because
> the _HOME variable in Lua gets set to the current directory instead of
> being inside of the .app directory, so it cannot find any files it
> requires, and textadept fails to start with an error message to that
> effect.
> Am I missing something? How does it work on Linux then, since the
> installation instructions are to use a symlink? Does the _HOME
> variable initialization work differently? Bottom line, is there
> anybody using TA from the command line on OS X out there?
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