Re: Find In Files - file patterns

From: vais <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:07:09 -0800 (PST)

Please accept my apologies for the double post above (not sure how
that happened, but that'll teach me not to post from my cell phone.)

I just had a "Duuh!" moment as I was getting ready to turn in for the
night: the Replace input box is the solution. It is not used when
doing Find In Files, and I don't see that it will ever be. What if,
when In Files option is checked, the label on the Replace box changes
to File Pattern or something along these lines?

What do you think?


On Feb 11, 11:50 pm, Vais Salikhov <> wrote:
> Well, Mitchell, I am aware of this option, but that means another  
> dialog to click through whether you like it or not. Sometimes (most of  
> the time) you wouldn't care, but you would have to click through it  
> anyway. This makes it a sub-optimal solution IMHO.
> I know this is a tough one. Any other ideas on a find string format  
> that would interfere the least with the normal Find string  
> functionality? Keep in mind, specifying a file pattern is an  
> exception, not a rule.
> Thanks,
> Vais
> On Feb 11, 2009, at 11:17 PM, mitchell <> wrote:
> > Vais,
> >> For example, when searching through Textadept source, most of the  
> >> time
> >> I only want to search inside .lua files, not .html files. Currently,
> >> there is no way to do that in TA, but I think we could not only do
> >> that, but do one better by offering the ability to supply a Lua
> >> pattern to be matched against the entire file path end extension -
> >> this would offer limitless possibilities for narrowing down your file
> >> search.
> >> The obvious way to implement this is to add another input box to the
> >> Find panel. Is there another way that does not bloat the UI? I was
> >> thinking about two possibilities:
> >> 1. some notation/convention to use in the Find input itself that  
> >> would
> >> signal to TA that part of the find string is such search metadata.
> >> 2. hijack the Lua input box (the one you see when you press F2) to  
> >> use
> >> as a place to enter Find In Files metadata (this does sound like  
> >> waaay
> >> to much of a hack to be "official' functionality)
> > In core/ext/find.lua you could add an additional cocoadialog inputbox
> > that prompts for an optional Lua pattern after selecting a directory.
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