Re: Preserving the File Browser tree state when switching PM Browsers

From: mitchell <>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 16:09:41 -0800 (PST)


> 1. Abandoning the hierarchical browser idea in favor of a flat one
> with a ".." parent directory pointer for navigation (double-clicking
> on a directory changes to that directory).

This defeats the purpose of the side pane ;)

> 2. Adding more functionality to support preserving tree state. This
> can be done in one of two ways, both of which involve adding support
> for another key in the tree data table:
> a) "children" key that contains a table of children that may in turn
> have their tables of children ad infinitum.

This could be costly in terms of memory. Not sure how this would be
implemented in C anyway seeing is how it would have to know where to
look to find children.

> b) "expand" key, which is a boolean value. When tree data is loaded,
> if "parent" is true and "expand" is true, get_contents_for gets called
> right away without user interaction, and the node is presented as
> expanded in the tree.

This is the best option so I worked on it for a bit and came up an
elegant solution that needs its own elegant application (which I have
yet to come up with). We can use the existing ''
field to save and reload the view state. Since it doesn't work like
this in 1.4, I had to tweak the existing code for a multi-depth path
so parent rows are automatically expanded. It works now, but I don't
know how to apply it. Obviously the cursor needs to be saved when
changing to a different browser and then restored coming back. I'm not
sure how to detect these events though. Any ideas would be helpful.
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