Re: Prevent "Untitled" buffer; Reorder buffers; Smart indentation

From: mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 14:36:50 -0700 (PDT)


> - How can I prevent the "Untitled" buffer from always showing up on
> startup?

Scintilla automatically opens a buffer on startup, so I have not
bothered to add the necessary code on startup to remove it if, for
example, a session is opened. Feel free to submit a patch.

> - Any way to reorder the buffers in the sidebar buffer list?  (Without
> having to exit and edit .ta_session.)

I considered this a while ago, but the added complexity is not worth

> - Is there any way to have smart indentation?  Such as, <Enter> after
> "{" creating a new line and indenting it +1 level?

You can do so in a 'char_added' handler. There is an existing one in
'modules/textadept/editing.lua' that performs auto-indentation to keep
the current indent level that you can refer to.
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