Where can I found the needed images?

From: Dave Andreoli <dave....at.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 00:58:13 +0200

Hi all, I'm really happy to write my first message here!!
I have discovered textadept just 4 days ago and I'm in love with it :)

Is there a place where I can download the pngs required in the .gtkrc file?
I mean class.png, enum.png, etc...

I also have a suggestion:
in core/ext/pm-lua there is a default .rc file to cut and copy in your gtkrc.
The file start with:
pixmap_path "/usr/share/icons/Tango/:/home/mitchell/.icons/prog/"

I know that this is just an example, but if you change
to "/usr/share/textadept/core/images" (or something similar) than the
file is "ready
to use" and the user just need to place icons in the right dir.
And also: Why not to include the icons in the distributions packages?

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