Re: textadept 2.0 ideas/suggestions

From: mitchell <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 06:32:59 -0700 (PDT)


> > Block comments are currently defined in language modules, but can be
> > defined anywhere really. Take a look at 'modules/lua/commands.lua'.
> i found the block_comment() function in 'modules/textadpet/editing.lua',
> it seems to be using 'comment_strings' from the same file to get the
> right comment string, can't there be a way to make this work
> automatically? like reading the comment token from the current lexer
> then use it as the comment string?

If no parameter is passed to 'block_comment' then 'comment_strings' is
used as a fallback. There is no way to query the lexers for their
comment patterns; parsing it manually via Lua script would have to be

> > The linux install really needs work for portability. I'll work on
> > this.
> i'd just like to stress on the importance of this one, as it could
> potentially put off many linux packagers.. should be fairly easy to do
> however, tell me if you need a hand..

The main concern is running ta from any directory. Apparently argv[0]
doesn't work in all cases. Ideas?

Take care,
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