Re: textadept 2.0 ideas/suggestions

From: morchel <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 15:56:25 -0700 (PDT)


> > 1. have language specific settings work see
> Did you not see my comment? Is it still not functioning?
No, not without the mentioned workaround. I use ta 1.6, I didn't
include most of the changes you did in the meantime.

> > 2. maximize the current view by key command and then switch back to
> > the previous view proportions
> You can write a script to do this, no? Maybe the maximum size is not
> available, hmm...
Possibly, but I do not know how. Say you split the main view and then
again the two new views. You have 4 view then. By changing the size of
the 4 views you can't move the middle vertical border, at least I
don't know how.
The maximum size is no problem.

> > 3. open files without Gtk-Dialog (without using the mouse)
> Well you can certainly use the keyboard to navigate through the
> dialog ;) Otherwise use the Lua command entry:'/
> path/to/file')
I was thinking about something like a command entry with path
autocompletion. But you are right, you may use the dialog with
keyboard only. No need to have the same feature two times.

> > 4. be able to choose a lexer from the menu for a file and keep the
> > lexer attached to that file as long as its open. Now when I change the
> > file's current view the default lexer gets chosen again e.g..
> What scenario would this be useful in? I'm not sure where you're going
> here.
When it's not possible to determine the lexer by the file's
fileextension I would like to be able to choose some lexer from the
list. For instance ant-scripts usually have a .xml file-extension. I
would like to choose my ant-lexer from the list and be able to use ant-
snippets e.g.. Now every time the switch_buffer event gets triggered
the default lexer gets loaded again. As I wrote in
I have a workaroud, but well, it's a workaround and not a very good

> > 5. Maybe some sort of pastebin support
> No can do with scripting?
Of course and I will when I find the time. Till then it's on my
wishlist (this one with no priority).
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