Re: textadept 2.0 ideas/suggestions

From: mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 19:44:45 -0700 (PDT)


> 2.* either bring back the project manager, or create a better session
> management implementation

I've implemented load/save session functionality from the menus in

> 3. ta should remember pm position throughout sessions

This is done in r406.

> 5.* a make target install for ta, (see my Archlinux package to get an
> idea:

The Linux version should run from any directory, not /usr/share/
textadept anymore. This is in r413.

> 7. documentation files/links should be accessible from the main menu


> 8.* maybe move user's init file (~/.ta_modules) to a better location
> (e.g. ~/.textadept/init.lua) and make it easier for users to overwrite
> global settings (i.e. key commands, menu, mime types, build/go commands,
> etc..)

r407, r408, r409

> 9. adding new lexers and altering existing ones shouldn't require root
> access, lexer.lua and menu.lua should be able to read lexers from user's
> home directory as well (e.g. ~/.textadept/lexers/?.lua), override them
> if necessary


I'll be working on more ideas suggested in this thread in the coming
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