Re: textadept 2.0 release plan

From: mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:36:04 -0700 (PDT)


> 2.0 will be quite different than the 1.x series and likely
> incompatible in many areas. Soon I will post a detailed changelog on
> the Wiki and copy this list.

Here it is:


    * Alphabetize lexer list.
    * Fixed some locale issues.
    * Fixed some small memory leaks.
    * Try a list of encodings rather than just UTF-8 so 'conversion
failed' doesn't happen so often.
    * Restore a manually set lexer.


    * Removed macros module and respective PM browser (use Lua
    * Linux version can be installed and run from anywhere; no need to
recompile anymore.
    * Added many more events to hook into lots of core functionality.
See core/events.lua
    * Updated to scintilla-st to use Scintilla 1.79.
    * Run module allows more flexible compile and build commands.
    * Save project manager cursor over sessions.
    * Allow mime-types and compile and run commands to be user-
redefinable in user scripts.
    * Use ~/.textadept/ for holding user lexers, themes, sessions,
    * Added 'Help' menu linking to Manual and LuaDoc?.
    * Textadept compiles as C99 code. (Drops MS Visual Studio
    * Sessions functionality moved to modules/textadept/session.lua
from core/file_io.lua.
    * The char_added scnnnotification passes an int, not a string, to
handler functions.
    * Replaced cocoadialog and lua_dialog with my C-based
    * Incremental find via the Lua command entry.
    * NO dependencies other than GTK on all platforms.
          o Win32 no longer requires the MSVC++ 2008 Runtime.
          o Linux no longer requires libffi.
          o Mac OSX no longer requires cocoadialog.
    * Can cross compile to Win32 from Linux.
    * Callum Wilson is compiling and packaging Mac OSX releases for me
(Thank you!)
    * Removed confusing 'local function' and 'local table' LuaDoc?.

I'll have the changes in HG soon.
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