Textadept 2.0 beta

From: mitchell <mforal.n....at.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 10:43:15 -0700 (PDT)


Textadept 2.0 beta is available from http://textadept.googlecode.com.

Thanks again to Callum for providing the Mac OSX dmg. Hopefully there
are no problems with it.

If you find bugs, please submit them to the issue tracker on the
project page.


    * Alphabetize lexer list.
    * Fixed some locale issues.
    * Fixed some small memory leaks.
    * Try a list of encodings rather than just UTF-8 so 'conversion
failed' doesn't happen so often.
    * Restore a manually set lexer.


    * Removed macros module and respective PM browser (use Lua
    * Linux version can be installed and run from anywhere; no need to
recompile anymore.
    * Added many more events to hook into lots of core functionality.
See core/events.lua
    * Updated to scintilla-st to use Scintilla 1.79.
    * Run module allows more flexible compile and build commands.
    * Save project manager cursor over sessions.
    * Allow mime-types and compile and run commands to be user-
redefinable in user scripts.
    * Use ~/.textadept/ for holding user lexers, themes, sessions,
    * Added 'Help' menu linking to Manual and LuaDoc?.
    * Textadept compiles as C99 code. (Drops MS Visual Studio
    * Sessions functionality moved to modules/textadept/session.lua
from core/file_io.lua.
    * The char_added scnnnotification passes an int, not a string, to
handler functions.
    * Replaced cocoadialog and lua_dialog with my C-based
    * Incremental find via the Lua command entry.
    * NO dependencies other than GTK on all platforms.
          * Win32 no longer requires the MSVC++ 2008 Runtime.
          * Linux no longer requires libffi.
          * Mac OSX no longer requires cocoadialog.
    * Can cross compile to Win32 from Linux.
    * Callum Wilson is compiling and packaging Mac OSX releases for me
(Thank you!)
    * Removed confusing 'local function' and 'local table' LuaDoc?.
    * Rewrote the manual and most of the documentation.

Textadept 2.x is not compatible with Textadept 1.x.
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