Suggestions & Bug?

From: Robert <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 19:53:05 -0700 (PDT)


I typically use "luac -p" to test/compile my code before actually
running it. Especially when I'm writing some code that depends on lots
of other things, or has non idempotent effects. Personally I added
"luac -p" to the compile section on my configs, but maybe that should
be there by default, since most users of TA are likely to also be
fairly heavy lua users.

Also it would be great if I could stretch the the command entry
window, like any other view, its kind of annoying it's limited to one
line, especially when trying to do something even halfway complicated.

Finally when starting a find/replace it would be nice that instead of
having an empty text-entry by default, that the currently selected
text would be automatically placed in it. Many other editors have this
feature. Also many editors have the "F3" key mapped to "findnext",
that might be a nice thing to include in the default distribution too,
at least it would lower the entry barrier to lots of casual users.

Also something that might or might not be a bug, not sure, but I'm
having trouble with whitespaces. I usually like to view whitespace
while I work (makefiles,python,etc), yet each time I open TA it resets
to not seeing whitespaces. Also I have had no luck trying to set a
style for whitespaces, they are always getting the style of their
parent block. Not sure how to give them a uniform style (for example,
right now I'm trying to set them all to a light grey color but can't),
or even if that is possible. Yet from reading the documentation it
seems to be possible and even trivial, so I'm guessing it's a bug.

Thanks again and 2.0 is really looking great (by the way everything in
this mail applies to 2.0).
The new scripts are much better organized and its much nicer to

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