Re: Suggestions & Bug?

From: Robert <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 00:02:12 -0700 (PDT)

On Sep 4, 12:20 pm, mitchell <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Also it would be great if I could stretch the the command entry
> > window, like any other view, its kind of annoying it's limited to one
> > line, especially when trying to do something even halfway complicated.
> Such as what? The command entry is intended for simple commands; multi-
> line commands should probably be tied to a key command. I never use
> menus, so commands like "buffer:set_lexer('lua')" are something I
> commonly use for testing purposes.

Well to be honest the time I desire it to be larger is while
developing new commands
So it's probably not a true end-user purpose. Anyways it's just a
suggestion, I'd like it :)

> > Finally when starting a find/replace it would be nice that instead of
> > having an empty text-entry by default, that the currently selected
> > text would be automatically placed in it. Many other editors have this
> > feature.
> I may consider this, though more often then not I find it a nuisance.

> > Also many editors have the "F3" key mapped to "findnext",
> > that might be a nice thing to include in the default distribution too,
> > at least it would lower the entry barrier to lots of casual users.
> I have found Find Next to be different among various editors. (F3, Ctrl
> +G, etc.) I think using the Alt+N mnemonic is more useful anyway.
> Thoughts anyone?

I know what you mean, but after a while I've come to expect it this
Mostly from using a Microsoft stack at work.
So it would be a nice thing for the Microsoft lot at least.

I already customized my commands, so I'm a happy user now.
But I can imagine this might put off the more casual users.

Which makes me think that perhaps key_commands should be adjusted/
in the themes section (just like buffer, lexer & view).
That way users could easily swap/select command themes.
I'm sure if it hits off, there will be windows,emacs,vi,etc.. command
So forget about my find related suggestions :)
Consider my key_commands in theme suggestion instead!

> > Bug?:
> > Also something that might or might not be a bug, not sure, but I'm
> > having trouble with whitespaces. I usually like to view whitespace
> > while I work (makefiles,python,etc), yet each time I open TA it resets
> > to not seeing whitespaces.
> This is not saved in a session. You can add an event handler for
> 'buffer_new' and put 'buffer.view_ws = true' in it.

Thanks for the idea.
I just added a ws logic to my session management, so it now saves
whitespace info in my session file.
However at first I got an error because view_ws (and other flags for
that mater)
doesn't actually accept booleans, just 1,0's.
Maybe you could allow flags to accept booleans?

anyways for anyone interested this is what I added:

sessions.lua/ line:80 (within load)
    elseif line:find('^ws:') then
      local ws = tonumber(line:match('^ws: (%d+)$'))
      buffer.view_ws = ws'update_ui')

sessions.lua/ line:159 (within save)
  session[#session + 1] =
    ("ws: %s"):format(buffer.view_ws)

> > Also I have had no luck trying to set a
> > style for whitespaces, they are always getting the style of their
> > parent block. Not sure how to give them a uniform style (for example,
> > right now I'm trying to set them all to a light grey color but can't),
> > or even if that is possible. Yet from reading the documentation it
> > seems to be possible and even trivial, so I'm guessing it's a bug.
> This is a bug with how the 'whitespace' token style was handled. It
> will be fixed in 2.0.

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