Re: Plans for the next version?

From: mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 11:07:20 -0800 (PST)


> > > > 5.   A specification for the proper place to put user-created scripts.
> > I recently discovered that you can right-click in the project manager
> > to create a module for a specific language that gets saved
> > in .textadept.
> > I think it would be quite important to have a clear way for changing
> > things in Textadept, setting changed key commands, menu settings etc.
> > from within your init.lua.
> > Maybe the theme selection could be included there as well. And some
> > way not to have a hardcoded path to a theme if it's not in the default
> > themes folder.
> I was referring more to things that I've written that apply to many
> languages, such as my comment continuation script (used by pretty much
> every programming language in my setup), the xml tag auto-complete
> (which is used in xml, html, and within strings and comments in many
> other languages (a big help with javadoc, for instance)). These don't
> belong in any particular language's folder. I could put several of
> them in editing, though I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do
> since these aren't "official" scripts that come with the default
> install. Does this matter at all?

They can go in your ~/.textadept folder and you can have an init.lua
that require's it and all the normal require's in ta's init.lua, no?

> I've also wondered about the key
> bindings thing. My strategy right now is to provide functions that are
> designed to be triggered by a keypress, and then modify my key
> bindings to call them.

Seems normal to me. I'm not sure I understand the problem.

> I'm going to have to add another one:
> 6.   Theming. There are far too many places to specify colors. For
> example, setting buffer.indic_fore[x] and calling
> buffer:marker_set_back are done in the scripts themselves and not a
> theme file. Examples from the default install would be the bookmarks
> and the snippet marker.

After 'require'ing 'modules/textadept' in your ~/.textadept/init.lua:

  _m.textadept.bookmarks.MARK_BOOKMARK_COLOR = your color in hex
  _m.textadept.lsnippets.MARK_SNIPPET_COLOR = your color in hex

Theme's really only apply to lexers and buffer/view settings.

I'm open to suggestions of course.


> > 1,3 and 4 would be awesome!
> > - Robert
> - Brian
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