Re: Plans for the next version?

From: Rob <>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 09:07:28 -0800 (PST)

On 21 Feb., 14:09, Noli Sicad <> wrote:
> Tabs in TextAdept for next version similar found in Scite-ru.
> I think this artilce is talking about tab interface in lua.
> I think tabs interface is much easier to handle and see the code that
> we are examining and write as well as the management of files.
> Thanks.
> Noli

This was discussed around version 1.0:

>> I have no plans to add tab support; the project manager has something
>> similar ('buffers')
>Allow me to elaborate on this. I designed textadept to have multiple
>split view functionality in a way most editors don't. I don't see a
>way to implement tabs for multiple split views; the UI would get too
>cluttered. A single tab bar would probably look and be confusing when
>split views are present. I don't care to implement a bar when only one
>view is present, as this may introduce feature bloat.
>I'm open to suggestions of course.

I agree, tabs with the split views would be difficult and I never
missed them.

- Robert
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