Re: Where are the compilers (e.g. gcc, python, javac, etc) coded?

From: Noli Sicad <>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 09:51:25 +1100

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for the reply,

> Is it an alias in your ~/.{bash,zsh}rc? It might not be evaluated. I'm
> not sure exactly how C's 'system' command works, but you may want to
> look there. It's possible your shell init script isn't loaded, etc.

The python and C program work perfectly. Python runs and report the
result back. Compiling of the c program is also OK.

I am really wondering why the glpsol is not working. I also hard coded
the path i.e. mod = '/usr/local/bin/glpsol --math $(filename)'; This
also does not working.

Any command in lua to invoke the terminal similar to MS DOS i.e.
"cmd"? This my main problem in Mac OS X. TA windows version works fine
with the hard coded full path.


Regards, Noli
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