How to use the themes in TA?

From: Noli Sicad <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 05:43:40 +0700


I am new to TA. I like to use scite theme. How I am going to do this?
What file should I open and change "light" to "scite"? If not, what
are the right steps to do this? I am not going to create my own
themeyet. At this moment I would just like to use the current 3
themes. What I am going to do with the 3 files (buffer.lua, lexer.lua,
view.lua) in scite themes in this case?

Would it be possible to outline the answer in how to format / steps
(see the template below)?

How to use the TextAdept themes

1. Open ....lua and change to "light" to "scite"
2. Copy ....3 files (i.e. buffer.lua, lexer.lua, view.lua) to ....
5. Close Textadept
6. Open TextAdept

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Noli
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