working and not working the new TA lexer

From: Noli Sicad <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 08:40:46 +0700


I am trying to create a new lexer for glpk (i.e glpk.lua) for Windows,
Mac and linux. And the newly created is working on an off (sometimes,
it is working and sometime is not). I thought I have working lexer
today and try to edit add keyword for the other files (e.g mps, fps
and glp) is not working again. I had working one that support lp, mod,
out in windows before I edit. It look me days to have this working
lexer for lp.mod and out. I created the glpk.lua from the cpp.lua as
template and for a while it was not working and some reason it was
working last night.

These 3 files are:

Any other files that I should edit or create to produce a working lexer?

Is there any reason for this? I edited these 2 files (i.e run.lua and
mime_types.conf) and created the glpk.lua based on cpp.lua? There a
proper to create a new lexer?

The run.lua works perfectly now, just the syntax highlighting. I seems
that glpk.lua is very sensitive edited.

mps glpk
lp glpk
mod glpk
fps glpk
glp glpk
out glpk

I find it really frustrating why this lexer i.e glpk.lua is not
working properly. Would be possible to outline how to create a new
lexer, the proper way, if this process is not the right way to create
a new lexer.

Any other thing, are cpp.api and lua.api in modules used in TA? I
understand this is used in scite as tooltips (hints of the functions).
Would creating glpk.api useful for glpk.lua lexer in TA.
Are just files just remmant from Scintilla?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Noli
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