Re: Why renaming a lexer and putting new keyworks does not work in TA?

From: Noli Sicad <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 05:17:45 +0700

What I am saying that TA can accept additional lexer while Geany
current version 0.18.1 (another text editor) does not allow additional
lexer at this moment.

I have fix the problem of the new lexer in TA.

Thanks. Noli

On 2/22/10, mitchell <> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Is the current version of TA, accept additional lexer?
>> Geany does not allow this current version - 0.18.1
> ta is not Geany. Please look at the LuaDoc for adding a lexer.
> Mitchell
>> See this reply for geany ml,
>> "AFAIK the ability to define new filetypes is only available in the
>> current development version, not in any released version.
>> The development version is available from SVN or nightly builds are
>> available here There is an
>> amended manual in the tarball which explains how to add custom
>> filetypes and how to set build commands (the build system is changed
>> in this version too).
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