Re: The Future of the Side Pane/Project Manager

From: Robert <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 03:30:31 -0700 (PDT)

> > You will need the latest gcocoadialog from
> > and compile it into textadept. Then add the following file to your ta
> > path and 'require' it. You can use the Lua command entry to call
> > ''

Mitchel, thanks a lot! This will be very useful, might as well be nice
for selecting lexers.

> [snip]
> Mitchell,
> Could you please explain what you mean by "compile it into textadept"?
> Is the inclusion of gcocoadialog a compile/build option for Textadept?

You would have to copy a recent version of gcocoadialog files into
Textadept's src directory (into the source version of Textadept,
downloadable at the Google Code site).
Note that you have to uncomment or delete the main function in
However, since I already did it, I created a repo at bitbucket with
all necessary files (incl. Scintillua, Lua) - you can clone or
Run "make" in src and it should work (at least on Linux). Snapopen is
mapped to Ctrl-Alt-o.

- Robert
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