open_webpage function

From: Robert <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 04:44:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Mitchell,

since not even Microsoft is forcing Internet Explorer on its users
anymore I think Textadept shouldn't either. ;-)
I came up with the following in menu.lua

local function open_webpage(url)
  local cmd
  if WIN32 then
    cmd = string.format('start \"\" \"%s\"', url)
    if io.popen(cmd) == nil then error(l.MENU_BROWSER_ERROR..url) end
    if MAC then
      cmd = string.format('"%s" "file://%s"', 'open', url)
      cmd = string.format('%s "%s"', 'xdg-open', url)
    if os.execute(cmd) ~= 0 then error(l.MENU_BROWSER_ERROR..url) end

In Windows there is the 'start' command to open files and webpages
with the 'default application'. For some reason it didn't work (for
me) with os.execute, so I used io.popen. I'm not sure if it's a
problem that there is no closing of this object.
The first option for 'start' is the name of the window or something so
the command is e.g.
start "" index.html
(I also tried rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler index.html, but
this command only worked from the command line not when I tried to
call it through Textadept.)

On Linux there are as well options like the Mac 'open' command: I
found xdg-open, x-www-browser and gnome-open.
I believe that xdg-open (part of the package xdg-utils) is the most
common. x-www-browser appears to be part of Debian, and gnome-open
comes with libgnome. I have it installed even though I don't have a
Gnome desktop.
They all seem to use different mechanisms to define the 'default

If the Error message in locale.conf is changed to:
% core/ext/menu.lua
% "Error loading webpage:
MENU_BROWSER_ERROR "Error loading webpage: "

The error message will tell the user which file it tried to load:
/home/robert/textadept/core/ext/menu.lua:352: Error loading webpage: /

So if no xdg-open or other launcher is found, the user could copy and
paste the path into his browser of choice.

- Robert
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