Re: Is scrolling in TA slow for you or is it just me?

From: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 16:11:47 -0700 (PDT)

This is a Scintilla issue. I don't know why, but Scintilla has always
been slower at this than any native GTK text widget (including the
GTKSourceView used in GEdit).

- Brian

On Mar 23, 3:47 pm, phayz <> wrote:
> When I scroll line-by-line in TA I find that it is slower to update
> the edit pane's contents, when compared with editors such as gedit
> (running on the same hardware). IIUC TA has implemented lexers in Lua
> (as well as a most of its other functionality). This is an obvious
> difference between gedit and TA and may explain the difference in
> scrolling.
> Moving the caret through the window, performance is the same as for
> gedit. It's when the caret is at the bottom of the window and the
> contents need to be updated that the update lag is noticeable.
> Is there anything I might do to improve the situation? Perhaps there's
> a configuration option that I am not aware of that might help?
> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson
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