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From: Robert <ro....at.web.de>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 06:55:30 -0700 (PDT)


having been spending quite some time in a Windows-only lab recently I
decided to investigate how to make Textadept portable like the apps at
www.portableapps.com - to be able to run it without installing GTK+,
run it even from a USB drive.
Luckily, Textadept already is quite portable (no Registry
You can download Textadept Portable here:

The TextadeptPortable.exe launcher redirects the Windows environment
variable Userprofile to the subdirectory Data of TextadeptPortable -
so you can take your customisations with you. The portable .textadept
is located in TextadeptPortable\Data\
I've tested this on Windows XP, an earlier version of the launcher as
well on Windows 2000 and Windows 7. Please let me know if it works on
other versions.

Known issues:
Running Ruby, Python, etc. scripts from within Textadept (via ctrl-r)
will most likely not work as the Userprofile variable is redirected.
You should however be able to run them without problems outside of
When using TA from a USB drive your drive letter will probably change
so when loading a session, files are not found causing TA to create
empty buffers with the same names. The Textadept version included is
2.1 as on the Googlecode site, so the message about missing files as
discussed on the mailing list recently will not appear. It might of
course be possible write something to save the drive letter of TA in
the session file and adapt this when reloading TA with another drive
letter. (This will not affect you if you simply use this version to
avoid the GTK+ installation and use TA on one computer.)

You can pass command line options TextadeptPortable.exe so
TextadeptPortable --no-session will start Textadept without loading
the session file.

- Robert
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