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From: phayz <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 15:41:49 -0700 (PDT)

On Mar 24, 12:59 pm, phayz <> wrote:
> On Mar 17, 1:10 pm, Brian Schott <> wrote:
> > The line that says "require 'common.xmlcomplete'" is what ties the
> > commands to the functions themselves. For this to work you need to place
> > thexmlcomplete.lua in a location that can be found by Textadept. I put
> > mine in ~/.textadept/modules/common (Thus the "common" in the require
> > statement My argument being that this code is common to xml, html, and
> > javadoc comments)
> > - Brian
> > On 03/15/10 20:00, phayz wrote:
> > > I am still unsure of how I enable this script but I need to RTFM a
> > > little more, also peek and poke around Textadept's directories.
> > > As I understand I have a Lua script, which needs to be run when
> > > certain key sequences are pressed, and the latter is where the
> > > "commands.lua for xml (placed in ~/.textadept/modules/xml/
> > > commands.lua)" comes into play). What I am still struggling with is
> > > knowing how these two are linked.
> > > Regards,
> > > Russell Dickenson (AKA phayz)
> Brian,
> You have been a great help to myself, other TA users also, I expect.
> Could you please help me just a little more? I need a dummies guide to
> enabling this functionality because I have tried many combinations and
> permutations and just can't seem to get it right.
> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson

Brian et al,

I am seeing odd behaviour from the xmlcomplete script. While editing a
hypertext document I added a new "<h3>" tag and instead of the closing
"</h3>" being inserted, a "</td>" was inserted instead. I tried
throughout the document to insert several different tags and in most
cases, an "</td>" tag was inserted. The exception was when I put the
cursor at the very end of the file and typed in an "<head>" tag, when
the correct closing tag of "</head>" was inserted. Thinking that the
problem was with this document I created a new sample hypertext file
and inserted a few standard tags. In this file I couldn't recreate the
problem, so it looked to be the original document. I then opened one
of the Textadept manual files, in hypertext format, and again did some
tests. Again, Textadept was inserting the wrong tag - most often a "</
td>", sometimes a "</p>" tag. As an example, I open
"1_Introduction.html", go to the blank line after the unordered list
for "<h1>Manual</h1>", type in a "<h3>" tag and a "</p>" tag is
automatically inserted.

This is occurring under both Linux (with latest official Textadept
release) and Windows (with Textadept 2.2 beta).

I'll do a little more investigation and see what I can find.


Russell Dickenson
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