Re: Request for a "Rewrap paragraph" function

From: Brian Schott <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 20:18:18 -0700

On 04/26/10 15:10, phayz wrote:
> On Apr 26, 4:59 am, Robert <> wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 2:43 PM, phayz <> wrote:
>>> I certainly followed step 2 but possibly not correctly. I ought to
>>> start with a much simpler question - what does the "ch" key sequence
>>> mean? From my understanding, it represents Control+h, but I have tried
>>> this key sequence and nothing happens.
>>> I think after this I still stop trying to tweak Textadept. It's quite
>>> clear to me that I simply don't understand how it all "hangs
>>> together."
>>> Regards,
>>> Russell Dickenson
>> Russell, don't give up! It took a me a long time to figure out how
>> Textadept worked (and there are still lots of things I don't
>> understand). If something doesn't work, try something simpler.
>> For example, can you use another of Brian's modules in modules/common,
>> can you assign to a simple "textadept.print("test"), this
>> approach helped me to learn about Textadept. And reading up on Lua. I
>> started to read "Programming in Lua" more seriously, instead of just
>> looking up things as I needed them. This is something I probably shoud
>> have done earlier.
>> Robert
> Robert,
> Thanks for your encouragement. I certainly don't intend walking away
> from Textadept altogether (unless an even sexier text editor passes
> through my field of vision :P). When I wrote my earlier message I was
> tired and frustrated at not being able to get anything working WRT the
> paragraph wrapping script, kindly written by Brian. My problems were
> made worse by the fact that I was first working with the latest
> Textadept build and was encountering a fatal bug (which I am yet to re-
> test and report). I then switched to the version of Texadept packaged
> for my Linux distribution but it was quite old and didn't activate/
> enable/look for user Lua scripts. I finally installed a Textadept
> package for version 2.1 and was working with that. All the to-ing and
> fro-ing with versions of Textadept, together with being tired as I was
> working late at night, put me in a rather negative mood.
> As you suggest, Robert, I will try a simpler approach, tying a key
> sequence together with an associated action so that I understand
> Textadept a little better. What has complicated things for me is the
> fact that there are, apparently, several ways of achieving the same
> goal. The paragraph wrapping script for example, requires changes to a
> personal key_commands.lua. Another user-contributed script -
> bufferutils.lua - seemingly contains its code and associated key
> sequence in the same file. Do I understand this correctly, or some
> other magic going on which makes the bufferutils.lua script "just
> work".
I don't put any key combinations in my scripts so that people can choose
their own key bindings for them. My key combos can be a bit strange
since I type on a Dvorak keyboard.
> I must reiterate my thanks to Brian for producing the script and his
> help so far. The fact that it's not yet working for me should not
> reflect badly on his good work. I hope that my "Eureka!" moment will
> come soon.
> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson
Step-by step instructions for setting this up from a clean install:

1. Download and unpack textadept
2. Create ~/.textadept/modules/common
3. Download and
place it in ~/.textadept/modules/common
4. Create ~/.textadept/modules/common/init.lua:

module('_m.common', package.seeall)
require "common.wrap"

5. create ~/.textadept/init.lua:

require 'textadept'
require 'ext/keys'
require 'ext/find'
require 'ext/command_entry'
require 'ext/mime_types'
require 'ext/menu'
require 'common'
require 'ext/key_commands'

6. create ~/.textadept/key_commands.lua:

local keys = _G.keys
local m_wrap = _m.common.wrap = { m_wrap.wrap_lines }

7. Set buffer.edge_column! Otherwise the script will hit an infinite
loop or some other such nonsense. (I need to add a check for that in my
script...) The best place for this is in your theme's buffer.lua.

8. DON'T FEEL STUPID! I ran into problems trying to build these
instructions from a clean install. The order of the require statements
in ~/.textadept/init.lua is really tricky. You have to require all the
things that are dependencies of subsequent modules before requiring
them. For instance, the key_commands needs _m.common.wrap to exist, but
it isn't registered with Lua until the "module" statement in

- Brian

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