Re: Is it OK to use 'compile' and 'run' for hypertext documents?

From: mitchell <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 19:36:02 -0700 (PDT)


On Apr 6, 6:01 pm, phayz <> wrote:
> In browsing Textadept's source code - specifically "run.lua" I
> discovered the customisation options for the 'run' and 'compile' menu
> options. I wonder if these could be applied to hypertext documents?
> For example, the 'compile' option could run the Tidy utility, which
> checks the validity of the document, and the 'run' option could open
> the document in the user's default web browser. I know that someone
> recently contributed code for the "open active buffer in user's
> default web browser" function. My hope is that the Tidy utility's
> messages could be output to the message buffer and errors on specific
> lines would allow the user to double click on the message and be taken
> to the line in which the warning or error occurs. If I understand
> "run.lua" correctly, this behaviour is native for the 'compile' option
> for files in various languages.
> Of course anything's possible - particularly with Textadept (:P) - but
> my main reason for asking was to check if this as an "abuse" of these
> options. Might there be some sort of horrible side effect in using
> 'compile' in the way I'm thinking of using it?

Sounds fine to me. I'll accept a patch.

Better yet I should have the module look in ~/.textadept/, huh
Robert? :)


> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson
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