Contributing to Textadept

From: Robert <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 09:55:35 -0700 (PDT)


I recently read this article on contributing to open source projects,
Occasionally the question popped up on the mailing list, whether
something is a bug or not and whether to use the issue tracker or the
mailing list for feature requests, like here:

>> do you prefer to see new features being suggested and discussed here
>> or as issues on Google Code?
>Here would be best. It's easier to discuss and would involve more
>others, as they would have to peruse the issue list for features to
>comment on, etc.

In the past I've send Mitchell files, posted on Bitbucket, pasted here
on the mailing list... I don't know what works best for you, Mitchell.

Maybe it would be helpful to include your preferred options on the
Google Code page. is an example of what
I'm talking about.
Btw, I like the new screenshot! May I suggest making it much bigger or
only a little bigger and adding screenshots of the other two platforms
next to it? So more around 600px wide in total?
Maybe adding "Manual - More Screenshots" or something similar under
the screenshot as a link would be useful as well?

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