Re: Next generation of lexers

From: Robert <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 23:00:38 +0200

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 4:38 PM, mitchell <> wrote:
> Rob,
> In each variable token, add a functional pattern that always matches,
> but grab the variable name and add it to a list. In a pattern before
> identifier, check if the identifier exists in your variable list, and
> if the match succeeds, match the variable token. Otherwise, don't
> match and an ident will later match. Pseudocode:
> local variable_list = {}
> local variable = token('variable', P('Var') * P(function(patt, i)
>    variable_list[patt:match('[%w_]+', i)] = true
>    return i
>  end) * l.word)
> local potential_variable = P(function(patt, i)
>    return variable_list[patt:match('[%w_]+', i)] and i or nil
>  end * token('variable', l.word)
> local identifier = token('identifier', l.word)
> _rules = {
>  ...
>  { 'variable', variable },
>  { 'potential_variable', potential_variable },
>  { 'identifier', identifier },
>  ...
> }

Thanks a lot again, I'll try this out.
>> I put lexers for Markdown, NSIS and Lilypond up here:
>> Feel free to include the lexers, if you like, they will hopefully
>> improve as I use them more. I wasn't sure if a Markdown lexer is
>> against the point of Markdown, but then I liked it.
> Do you think they're polished enough to be included in the upcoming
> release?

NSIS and Lilypond, yes.

% Lilypond
ly lilypond

nsh nsis
nsi nsis

As for Markdown, I'm not sure. If you have a look there are some not
styled tokens to get emphasis correctly styled. There might be cases
I'm not aware of because I didn't use Markdown a lot. I mostly used
the Markdown definition sources and the doc sources.
If you would prefer to include a safer version with maybe only headers
and code let me know and I'll post a changed version.
How did you write all these lexers, by the way, did you mostly just
"translate" the Scite lexers? Is there a project that collects example
source files and keyword lists for all programming languages, a

>> Some thoughts on the new docs:
>> I had bad experiences with other editors when a lexing style changed
>> theme colors so lines became impossible to read. Maybe a note could be
>> added to add back- and foreground colors together? The diff lexer is
>> an example for this, maybe the foreground color could be changed?
>> Another issue with the diff lexer: Lua comments are treated as
>> deletions. I tried some but didn't find a good solution.
>> Another idea for the Latex lexer, maybe it would be useful to turn
>> this into a Tex lexer that covers plain Tex, Latex and Context.
>> Currently there are quite a lot of keywords in the Latex lexer but it
>> is impossible to cover all packages or new ones defined with
>> renewcommand.
>> I would do a
>> local command = token('keyword', '\\' * l.word)
>> This would cover Context's keywords as well. Having Latex environments
>> in the lexer shouldn't be a problem.
>> Then I have to look some more into LuaTeX, and have the Lua lexer embedded :-)
>> I like their explanation for using Lua over x:
> Thanks a lot for your suggestions, but if you could have code,
> patches, and/or concrete text to contribute, that would be even
> better. I'm pretty strapped for time with final exams coming up and
> rather than spending time trying to understand exactly what you'd
> like, I'd prefer to see what exactly needs to be done. Normally I have
> no problems with what you're doing :) It's just this time of year
> that's difficult for me.
> Best,
> Mitchell

Sorry, if I have been vague and/or thinking aloud.
I always accept "I'll accept a patch" as an answer. :-) It's just that
sometimes there is a compatibility reason or something... I'll try to
come up with more concrete solutions.
As for the Tex lexer I was maybe hoping for feedback from Context
users if that would be a good idea.


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