Click find script [fix]

From: Jay <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 21:45:53 -0700 (PDT)

While I'm at it, the other day I began using the wiki's clickfind
script and found that it had a bug when the same word was contained
twice in the same line, with the first occurrence being at the line-

Here is the fixed and optimized highlightFind function for the script:

function highlightFind(position, line)
        -- Grab the word that was clicked on
        needle = buffer:get_sel_text()
        -- Trim any whitespace
        needle = needle:gsub('%s', '')
        -- Escape unwanted characters
        needle = needle:gsub('([().*+?^$%%[%]-])', '%%%1')
        -- Clear out the old marks
        buffer.indicator_current = 0
        buffer:indicator_clear_range(0, buffer.length)
        -- Don't look for zero-length strings
        if #needle > 0 then
                for i = 0, buffer.line_count do
                        local text = buffer:get_line(i)
                        if #text>0 then
                                local first, last = 0, 0
                                while first do
                                        first, last = text:find("%f[%w]"..needle.."%f[%W]",last)
                                        if last then
                                                buffer:marker_add(i, BACK_MARKER_NUMBER)
                                                if (first ~= nil) and (first >0) then
                                                        first = first - 1
                                                local head = last - first
                                                buffer:indicator_fill_range(buffer:position_from_line(i)+ first,
head )
                                                last = last+1
                --buffer:set_sel(position, position) -- restore caret


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