command entry suggestion

From: Jay <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 00:46:08 -0700 (PDT)

The last one for today...
as I was fixing stuff here and there today I was using the "command
entry" for debug purposes.
and realized how much typing was required.
so I came up with an idea to bind a utility environment to the
incoming command functions

my prototype yet functional code looks like this:

local util = setmetatable({},{__index = function(e,k)
        -- most operations are buffer shortcut
        local v = buffer[k]
        if v then
                if type(v)=="function" then
                        v = function(...)
        else -- or bindings to textadept
                v = textadept[k] or _G[k] -- if nothing was found default to global
        e[k] = v --memoize the key
        return v
  function(command) -- execute a Lua command
    local f, err = loadstring(command)
    if err then error(err) end
    textadept.command_entry.focus() -- toggle focus to hide

This way the command entry allows stuff like
> insert_text(current_pos,"hello")
instead of the more verbose
> buffer:insert_text(buffer.current_pos,"hello")

another cool feature of this is that we can define util functions for
the command entry like this:

util.insertf = function (text,...)
        buffer:insert_text(buffer.current_pos, tostring(text):format(...))

so we can do this
> insertf("current position is: %d",current_pos)

Any suggestions about what to do with this?


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