Re: Need help changing the background colour for lines longer than X characters

From: Brian Schott <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 17:01:24 -0700

On 05/09/10 16:54, phayz wrote:
> I want the background colour of characters beyond X number of
> characters to be different to that of the normal background colour. In
> my theme's buffer.lua I have the following lines:
> buffer.edge_column = 80
> buffer.edge_mode = 2
> buffer.edge_colour = #FF0000
> If I understand correctly, this should give me bright red as the
> background colour for all lines which have more than 80 characters on
> them. However the background colour is a light grey instead. I have
> tried several different colour strings but I don't see anything other
> than a light grey background.
> Can anyone help?
Remember that the theme files are actually Lua code.
# is the operator used for getting the length of a table.

Try this for red:
buffer.edge_colour = 0x0000ff

The format for specifying colors directly in hex is 0xbbggrr.

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