Re: Lua Rocks

From: phayz <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 21:15:05 -0700 (PDT)

On May 13, 1:07 pm, Jay <> wrote:
> Right now adding module/function/fixes to one's Textadept is kind of
> messy. So I was wondering if anyone has tried using "Lua Rocks", maybe
> we could set a module repository or something, and allow patching with
> Rocks or something.
> Disclaimer: I've never used Lua Rocks, and have no idea how it works,
> but have heard about it and guess it's supposed to work like a package
> system. In other words I have no idea what I'm talking about, but
> someone might actually know a bit and have an actual idea/plan :)

OK - I am not a computing noob, but certainly a noob to Textadept.
Like others, I am attracted to Textadept by the ease of its
customisation, which surely rivals that of editors such as vi etc
(please, no flame war thankyou). However, having to copy and paste
text into files and sometimes, take into account the resulting order
of those lines, is a hassle. I recently found that a feature I wanted
just wanted working and, after some to-in and fro-ing, found that if I
rearranged the lines of a file a little, the feature when worked.

In summary then, as a user I don't care how it's done but I definitely
would like to see Textadept's customisation made easier and more
reliable. I say "I don't care how" but that doesn't mean I don't care
about Textadept itself. Of course I didn, otherwise I wouldn't be
bothering this group with every little function and feature that I
can't get to work. :P


Russell Dickenson

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