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From: Robert <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 11:43:56 +0200

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 6:15 AM, phayz <> wrote:
> On May 13, 1:07 pm, Jay <> wrote:
>> Right now adding module/function/fixes to one's Textadept is kind of
>> messy. So I was wondering if anyone has tried using "Lua Rocks", maybe
>> we could set a module repository or something, and allow patching with
>> Rocks or something.
>> Disclaimer: I've never used Lua Rocks, and have no idea how it works,
>> but have heard about it and guess it's supposed to work like a package
>> system. In other words I have no idea what I'm talking about, but
>> someone might actually know a bit and have an actual idea/plan :)
> OK - I am not a computing noob, but certainly a noob to Textadept.
> Like others, I am attracted to Textadept by the ease of its
> customisation, which surely rivals that of editors such as vi etc
> (please, no flame war thankyou). However, having to copy and paste
> text into files and sometimes, take into account the resulting order
> of those lines, is a hassle. I recently found that a feature I wanted
> just wanted working and, after some to-in and fro-ing, found that if I
> rearranged the lines of a file a little, the feature when worked.
> In summary then, as a user I don't care how it's done but I definitely
> would like to see Textadept's customisation made easier and more
> reliable. I say "I don't care how" but that doesn't mean I don't care
> about Textadept itself. Of course I didn, otherwise I wouldn't be
> bothering this group with every little function and feature that I
> can't get to work. :P
> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson

Not Luarocks but an idea:
Why not automatically load files from a certain location, as a proof
of concept I put the following in my personal init.lua:

local lfs = require 'lfs'
for f in lfs.dir(_USERHOME..'/modules/common/') do
  if f:find('%.lua$') then

This "requires" all files in modules/common
As an example I have Brian's wrap.lua there and a file somekeys.lua
with some custom key commands, containing something like:
local keys = _G.keys
keys['f9'] = { function()

Someone could write a file licensesnippets.lua, like
local snippets = _G.snippets
snippets.gpl = 'GPL...' = 'MIT...'
which would enable these snippets globally.

I'm not sure but I think it is okay to use require
( like dofile.
If something is a proper module like the wrap.lua file it gets loaded
as _m.common.wrap.
The loading snippet above could be expanded to allow for modules in
directories with an init.lua.
I just tested this briefly but if something like this would be
included in Textadept's init.lua installation instructions could be
simplified to "drop this file in ~/.textadept/modules/common/".
Where to put user key_commands would need some consideration as they
need to be done after defining the functions in the modules.
Maybe loading a key_commands.lua file last like:

local lfs = require 'lfs'
for f in lfs.dir(_USERHOME..'/modules/common/') do
  if f:find('%.lua$') and f ~= 'key_commands.lua' then


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