Re: Lua Rocks

From: Robert <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 09:00:13 +0200

With the upcoming API changes the first part of simplifying extending
Textadept seems solved.
How about making it even simpler by creating an user init.lua with
"require 'textadept'" in
this step in core/init.lua:
if not lfs.attributes(_USERHOME) then lfs.mkdir(_USERHOME) end

would become

if not lfs.attributes(_USERHOME) then
  local f ='/init.lua', 'w')
  if f then
    f:write("require 'textadept'", "\n")

About the user files key_commands.lua and snippets.lua: I think
calling them should be removed. Having a user key_commands.lua causes
problems for authors of extensions. If you have

require 'textadept'
require 'common.add'

and for common.add would like to add key commands by putting them in
the user key_commands.lua this will not work because key_commands.lua
is loaded before the requiring of common.add so the instructions would
read something like:
"Put every line with require from textadept/init.lua in your user init.lua,
require common.add before textadept.keys, add these key commands to
your key_commands.lua"

Then if another module, common.over, would try to override default key
commands one would have to make sure that it is called *after*
requiring the default keys.
This is way to complicated - I think it should be left to the user
where to put additional key commands.

An init.lua could then look like:
require 'textadept'
require 'common.add'
require 'common.over'

local keys = _G.keys = { ... }


What do you think?

As for the auto loading of "common" modules - I realized that the
place to put this is obviously common/init.lua.
I'll put this on the wiki.

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