Keysyms and rectangular selection

From: Robert <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 10:53:55 +0200


I'd would like to suggest making the KEYSYMS table global, like
recently done with the enclosures table.
This would simplify writing (and reading) extensions, like in the
multiedit module.
This could be used in command_entry.lua as well:

- if code == 0xff1b then -- escape
+ local KEYSYMS = textadept.keys.KEYSYMS
+ if KEYSYMS[code] == 'esc' then

- elseif code == 0xff09 then -- tab
+ elseif KEYSYMS[code] == '\t' then

A while ago I wrote a function for rectangular selection
(, press alt-r then the arrow keys to
extend the selection, usable as well for creating a multiple cursor)
where I could use this as well.


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