Re: API Changes

From: Robert <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 16:37:03 +0200


> But didn't you originally suggest to have user keys.lua? Is that not a
> good idea anymore?
I did and I am sorry! Auto-loaded user dofiles are evil. See my other
post on the Lua rocks thread.
Back then you couldn't simply replace ext/key_commands without
re-requiring it and adding to your init.lua wasn't as easy as it will
be with a
require 'textadept'.

>> core/events.lua: How about adding a function for removing an event handler with
>> defaulting to removing the first one:
>> function disconnect(event, index)
>>   local plural = event..'s'
>>   local handlers = events[plural]
>>   if index then
>>     table.remove(handlers, index)
>>   else
>>     table.remove(handlers, 1)
>>   end
>> end
> What would be a use case? As it is, there is no way to check if a
> particular handler is at a particular index.

I use
table.remove(['keypresss'], 1)
in my rectangular selection and enclosing functions.

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