Re: [textadept] tweaking find/replace ui

From: Robert <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 12:18:54 +0200

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 11:46 AM, Scott Weisman <> wrote:
> I am interested in tweaking the find/replace UI and I discovered, to
> my horror (:-), that it was not coded in Lua, but actually hard-coded
> in C (gasp!).
> I thought TA was supposed to be a tiny bit of C, but implementing this
> in C seems to go beyond that.
> Anyway, how hard would it be to move this to Lua?

I don't know how hard it would be to have a Lua interface to the Find
dialog but one possibility would be to use Gcocoadialog [1] windows. I
think there are currently no checkboxes mentioned in the Cocoadialog
documentation [2], but maybe they could be added (or you don't need
them, depending on how you would like to customize it).


I have some experimental code for the incremental search which uses
the statusbar. I'll post that when I get home.

> Also, what exactly are the possibilities one can do with TA?
That's a tough question - you can (almost) control everything using
Lua, the find/replace dialog is one example where it is (currently)
not possible.

> It seems one can split windows and the like, but is every window just a
> Scintilla widget?

I think so.

> What if I wanted to implement some project management features and
> things like tabs, a file explorer, or the like?

A project management side pane was removed a while ago, you could
download an older version to have a look. You could try to reintegrate
that but that would mean working with "C (gasp)" - a better option
would be to have a dedicated view for it. As far as I know nobody has
done that before, but you could have a split view with a list of your
open buffers or project files, you could style it differently, disable
the line numbers for this view and even have items double-clickable as
this mouse event is available. I think Emacs has similar text views
for lists of buffers etc.
Tabs have been requested a couple of times already but you would have
to change TA's core to get those. However, have you discoverd the
buffer switching dialog (by default ctrl-b on Windows and Linux).

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