Idea: Using 'patch' to apply personal configuration changes

From: phayz <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:50:24 -0700 (PDT)

I really enjoy using Textadept for several reasons, but mainly:

* it looks and behaves like a native application on the two OSs I use
regularly - Windows and Linux. This means that I don't have to switch
"modes" when editing on these OSs;
* it's very extensible which is good because others who actually
understand how it works have written custom code which adds features I

However I have difficulty in adding the custom code written by others.
When someone adds something to the wiki that I like I following the
instructions (as best I can) to enable it but this often results in an
error which prevents Textadept from working properly. I then have to
undo my changes and am then relying on my memory as to what I changed.

I also find that of course I need to replicate these steps on my PC at
work and my laptop, both of which use different OSs.

To ease my burden I thought that perhaps I could use the patch
utility, so that applying some custom code or configuration change
would be achieved simply by applying a patch. You want feature X? -
OK, run "patch <featureX>", you want feature Y? - OK, run "patch
<featureY>". I understand that there are potential issues with this
approach, including possibly setting the same key sequence for
different functions, so it's not perfect. However it would get me
closer to the approach I take with gedit where I can simply copy
either one file or one directory, go into gedit and enable the plugin
and bingo!, it works.

I haven't yet actually tested my idea but will do so in the next few
weeks and report my results here. Does anyone know reason why I
shouldn't try this approach? Does anyone have a better idea?

Please understand that I'm not expecting anyone to follow this
approach - e.g. when submitting custom code or configuration options.
If it works for me then I'll continue this approach and if it suits
someone else then that's great.

I am not really interested in how Textadept "works" but I congratulate
Mitchell and others for their work. It's a great project with a really
interesting approach. My interest in Textadept is purely as a user and
so I am interested in making customising it as easy as possible for
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