[textadept] Textadept 3.4

From: mitchell <c....at.caladbolg.net>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 20:40:46 -0400 (EDT)


Textadept 3.4 is available from http://textadept.googlecode.com

Multilang lexers are now significantly faster; they parse as quickly as single-lang ones.


     * Fixed menu item conflicts.
     * Pressing Cancel in the Switch Buffers dialog does not jump to the selected buffer anymore.
     * Autocomplete lists sort properly for machines with a different locale.
     * Statusbar is not cleared when set from a key command.
     * Unreadable files are handled appropriately.


     * Multilang lexers (HTML, PHP, RHTML, etc.) are processed as fast as single language ones resulting in a huge speed improvement.
     * An update_ui event is triggered after a Lua command is entered.
     * gui.dialog can take tables of strings as arguments now.
     * _m.textadept.snapopen.open takes a recursion depth as a parameter and falls back on a DEFAULT_DEPTH if necessary.
     * Removed _m.textadept.editing.smart_cutcopy and _m.textadept.editing.squeeze functions.
     * Added _m.textadept.editing.SAVE_STRIPS_WS option to disable strip whitespace on save.
     * Changed locale implementation. Locale files are much easier to create now.
     * gui.statusbar_text is now readable instead of being write-only.
     * Can highlight all occurances of a word.
     * Added jsp lexer.
     * More consistant handling of \ directory separator for Win32.
     * Consolidated textadept.h and lua_interface.c into single textadept.c file.
     * Added _G.timeout function for calling functions and/or events after a period of time.
     * Find in files is accessible through API.
     * Updated to Scintilla 2.22.
     * Renamed _G.MAC to _G.OSX.

Notably absent is spawn functionality. It wasn't behaving as expected on
Win32. I'm not sure if and when it will be available in a future release.

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