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From: phayz <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:18:56 -0800 (PST)


Just a suggestion - In future could you please post each question/
topic separately? When people are browsing the topics or readin the
digest from Google Groups of recent posts, they might ignore topics
which have titles that don't interest them. If you give each question
or topic a separate post, it's easier for people to see what's being

This is meant solely as a suggestion, not a requirement.

Having said all this, you asked some interesting questions. The
"duplicate line" function is included by default with Textadept but
the code is contained on the wiki. I find there are some excellent and
(to me) amazing functions there (

Regarding fonts, if I understand correctly, if you want to use a
TrueType (.TTF) font, you must put a '!' character before its name,
just as others have suggested above. If you use a font in another
format, you *don't* put the '!' character before its name. In other
words, you can't leave off the '!' and hope that the font is not
antialiased. Instead you need to find a font you like the look of, in
another format. I honestly would have thought that ProFont would work
but I have no experience with Macs. I suggest you try the Terminus
font, which is available in both TrueType and non-TrueType formats.
The following page has some comments about the font from Mac users, so
perhaps it will be useful to you -
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