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From: Robert <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 13:28:03 +0100


the new manual states:

Rectangular Selection
Holding Alt+Shift (Apple+Shift on Mac OSX) and pressing the arrow keys
enables rectangular selections to be made. Start typing to type on
each line.

Multiple Selection
Clicking the mouse at a point in the buffer while holding Control
places an additional caret at that point. Clicking and dragging while
holding Control creates multiple selections. Start typing to enter
text at each selection.

Clicking to set a new selection works for me on Windows, but not on
Linux. With Control I get a rectangular selection.
When I set
buffer.rectangular_selection_modifier = 8 -- Super(Win) key
it works, setting it to alt does not work, it gets eaten by the window manager.

Is there any cross platform way to set this?
I've found some discussion on this in the archives:

>> 2) This only seems to work after mapping the rectangular selection to
>> something other than Control. Am I correct in saying that the
>> rectangular selection can be re-bound to another key, but that the
>> multiple selection is stuck on Control? (And that they conflict by
>> default?)
>Rectangular selection is Alt in Win, but Alt is eaten by the window
>manager in Linux, so it's control. Yes, rect selection can be changed,
>but not multiple selection it appears.

Is this still the case, in scintilla?

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