Re: [textadept] Multiple Selections

From: mitchell <>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 10:06:22 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

Hi Robert,

> the new manual states:
> Rectangular Selection
> Holding Alt+Shift (Apple+Shift on Mac OSX) and pressing the arrow keys
> enables rectangular selections to be made. Start typing to type on
> each line.
> Multiple Selection
> Clicking the mouse at a point in the buffer while holding Control
> places an additional caret at that point. Clicking and dragging while
> holding Control creates multiple selections. Start typing to enter
> text at each selection.
> Clicking to set a new selection works for me on Windows, but not on
> Linux. With Control I get a rectangular selection.
> When I set
> buffer.rectangular_selection_modifier = 8 -- Super(Win) key
> it works, setting it to alt does not work, it gets eaten by the window manager.
> Is there any cross platform way to set this?

No, that is the right way to do it. I should make a note of it on the wiki
until I change the themes for the next release.

> I've found some discussion on this in the archives:
> <snip>
> Is this still the case, in scintilla?

if you haven't already.

Thanks for pointing this out.

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