I'd like to alter AutoPair's behaviour for some files

From: phayz <russelldicken....at.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 17:36:00 -0800 (PST)

I understand that when coding, it makes sense to ensure that
characters such as " ' " or " " " are entered in pairs, as is done
automatically by Textadept by default (via the AutoPair option). Most
of my use of Textadept is not coding however but writing of structured
documents. When I am writing and enter an apostrophe " ' ", I usually
don't want two of them entered.

A sample structured document format I work with is AsciiDoc, the home
page of which can be found here - http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/.
It's very much like the Markdown markup language. For these files I
have been giving them an extension of .ASC, although this is a
personal convention. I know in the Textadept manual it explains how to
create new MIME types for Textadept. I have looked at a few examples
and I'm still unsure if this would allow me to customise the AutoPair
option so that when editing an AsciiDoc document, this option is set
to 'False'.

Any help or suggestions are welcome.
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