Re: feature request: gui extensions

From: Scott Weisman <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 04:04:20 -0800 (PST)

I also like the idea of the ability to add IDE-like extensions to TA.
Maintaining a simple editor core is key, of course. Since TA is built
on GTK+, wouldn't it be possible to extend the gui subsystem to allow
things like splitting windows, where the new region doesn't have to be
a Scintilla buffer but can be ANY widget?

As an example, Geany (another Scintilla-based editor I looked at
briefly before moving on) has a console widget. An extension (not a
core feature, but the ability to add it) like that might be useful to
some people.

Also, I'd like to see the core Lua files partitioned further so that
it's easier to override functionality while leaving core routines
untouched. As an example, keys.lua could be split into key-handler.lua
and key-mappings.lua.

As a related question, can I override one of the core files by placing
it somewhere in my .textadept dir? Where would I put it?

Another question related to event handlers. Does Lua "chain" the
handlers, so all registered handlers for an event are invoked? If your
custom handler wants to decline processing an event, how do you
indicate that the next handler should be invoked? How do you prevent
the next handler from being invoked?


On Dec 15, 12:42 pm, Cosmin Apreutesei <>
> Hi,
> Have you considered adding GUI extensions to textadept to let people
> transform it into an IDE (something like SciTE-GUI) ? I am shopping
> for an editor that I can turn into a Lua IDE with all sorts of
> toolboxes on the side. The code to inspect Lua sources at runtime is
> already there (mostly written for SciTE, but it can be adapted), I
> just miss a GUI extension to bring them to life.
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