Re: [textadept] Is Textadept Portable still necessary?

From: Robert <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:06:41 +0100

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 11:27 PM, phayz <> wrote:
> Textadept Portable is a "wrapper" for Textadept on Windows which keeps
> Textadept's configuration folder together with the executables etc. I
> have been using it successfully since it was first introduced.
> Since Textadept version 3.5, I believe, all necessary runtime files
> (mainly GTK) are included with the Windows download. Another recent
> change which I can't date, is the addition of several parameters,
> including "-u" which allow you to specify a folder to be used for the
> storage of personal Textadept configuration files, instead of the
> folder specified in the USERPROFILE environment variable.
Dynamic command line parameters were introduced in 3.0 so I think it
was around that version.

> The addition of the "-u" parameter which something that I saw
> mentioned a while ago but didn't quite "click" in my brain. If I put 2
> and 2 together, I believe there's no longer a need for Textadept
> Portable. To achieve the same goal, you can simply make a shortcut to
> the Textadept executable and add the "-u" parameter.

That's true, and for the use case of using Textadept Portable when you
can't or dont want to install GTK it's no longer necessary
Where the portable version is still useful is when you use it from a
USB drive with potentially changing drive letters.
Additionaly, some files that are created by GTK are cleaned up
afterwards, as this is part of the Portable App philosophy not to
leave any files behind.

> I don't mean to belittle Robert's achievement in producing the
> Textadept Portable launcher. If there's now an official method of
> achieving the same result though, in the long term I believe it's a
> better approach.
It is mostly the work of the Portable Apps contributors. The TA
Portable launcher is based on the other GTK portable app launchers
like Gimp.

> PS - If the "-u" parameter has been part of Textadept since it was
> created, I'm going to be *very* embarrassed. :)

I will update the launcher without the additional GTK library. You can
delete the App\GTK directory if you want to save some space.

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